Cobrey 42 – personalized yacht with extraordinary performance

We have completed our yachts collection by bridging the gap between Cobrey 33 and Cobrey 50. This is one of our flagships for 2021. Italian design and above-average performance – in addition with the possibility of personalization on many levels – this is in a nutshell description of the latest Cobrey yacht. Going further with the slogans: spaciousness, functionality, design – these are areas in which we specialize from the very beginning of our shipyard’s operation. All our yachts must meet the highest standards and in this spirit we created the Cobrey 42HT / FLY.

Imagine a luxurious living room, spacious bathrooms and two or three bedrooms arranged according to your taste and feel. Everything that is an integral part of the above-average class of the yacht, while maintaining the impression of spaciousness and lightness. We have been cooperating with the world-famous Italian design studio INO GROUP from the very beginning of our shipyard’s operation. Everything that comes from the hands of these design artists is the essence creativity and Italian craftsmanship.

Sporty design and performance – we definitely want to draw your attention to these two aspects. Cobrey 42 is not only an aesthetic feast and comfort, but also a reliable unit adapted to many occasions – holidays on the lake, seaside cruising or long, demanding journeys.